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Why The Fresh House?

Where will we be in 10, 20, 30 years? in little Fresh Houses!

  • Breathing fresh indoor air (not mold and chemicals)
  • Drinking clean & healthy living water
  • Eating real food (with seeds, not chemicals)
  • Playing music & dancing (Soulful expression)

We're here to Tell-A-Vision of Freshness and Total Health for us all. 

The Fresh House is a future-thinking, referral-based, affiliate marketing network. Established 8+ years ago, our solution has helped users scale & develop their revenues by providing an affordable way to co-create winning in online business.

Our simple to use & advanced features empower you to turn play into profit and earn consistent income online!

"Live Fresh & Get Paid!"

How to Turn Soul-Inspiring Content You Already Share Into Multiple Lucrative Online Income Streams

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    Celebrate Your Life!
    Choose a Life You Love! Get our tools, trainings, and community so you can Ascend to the Next Levels of your life...

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    Co-Create Abundance
    When Homies connect, magic emerges. Our online events facilitate global connection, while simultaneously co-creating shareworthy content...

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    Your affiliate links are automatically added to any public piece of content you share in our network... so you never run out of content to share that can earn you full-time online income.

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    Our marketing systems to help you earn more money with less overwhelm.
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    Earn Full Time Online Income
    Refer Customers Once, Get Paid for Life
    Earn lifetime & monthly recurring commissions
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    Earn High Ticket Backend Commissions
    Earn $300 to $3,000 over and over again per sale of products in our network

Co-Creation Platform

With 12+ years experience with hydrating conscious gatherings, venues and events, we are your reliable marketing, training, and technology partner that delivers. 95% of our members stay on for 18 months+

What Our Homies Are Saying...

I've been using Fresh House products for the last decade, and they have been the best for my health, and I get paid to help other people live fresh and stay healthy.  I love The Fresh House! #Homies4Life

Melina S.

I've never seen a more powerful marketing system, success path and  fun community.  I'm all in on The Fresh House!

Sitara F.

We designed The Fresh House to help you and your loved ones make lucrative decisions easy. We need our Global Tribal Family to enjoy True Health for centuries to come...

Scott A.

Fresh House University

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